Dance Experience

July 2015 – House of Stone – Performed in “First Born” Choreographed improv by Brighton Brooks, and set and performed flocking piece to “Golden Death Chant”, performed two improv aerial dance pieces as well

July 2015 – Fair Preview show – Directed and Performed in an hour long show

June 2015- Hot Mess – “The Bride” choreo by Kendell Macomber and Sam Thompson, “Pom Pom” choreo by Kendell assisted by Sam

May 2015 – UAF Social Workers Club Event – “Rock it For Me” choreo by Dakota Grende assisted by Kendell Macomber

April 2015 – Springfest – “Uptown Turn Down” Choreo by Kendell, “Don’t Move” choreo by Kendell Macomber and Sam Thompson

March 2015 – Ice Park 2015 – “Run This Town”, “I am a Good Girl”, Optimus Prime”, “Fancy”, “Make it Stop”, “Turn Down For What”, See below for choreographers. “First Born” by Brighton Brooks.

March 2015 – St. Baldrick’s – “Rather Be” Hip Hop choreo by Kendell Macomber and Sam Thompson, “Uptown Turn Down” choreo by Kendell, and “Make it Stop” choreo by Dakota Grende

November 2014 – International Day _ “Fancy” choreo by Kendell.

August 2014 – Tanana Valley State Fair – “Tortilla Chips”, “Euphoria”, “Roots Before Branches”, “I am a Good Girl”, “Fun 4 Me”, “Talk That Talk”, “Optimus Prime”, “Radioactive”, “Run This Town”, See below for choreographers. “From Time” choreo by Kendell assisted by Sam Thompson, “Skin” choreo by Rachael Kvapil, “Do it Like a Joker” Choreo by Kendell and Jehru Alba

June 2014 – Hot Mess – “Rude Boy” choreo by Jaz Meakin and Kendell, “I am a Good Girl” Choreo by Dance REVolution Crew

April 2014 – 3rd Annual Ballroom Competition – Competed and won Gold in Swing Division.

April 2014 – Looney Toon Dance Show at UAF – “Optimus Prime” Choreo by the Dance REVolution Crew

March 2014 – Faribanks Ice Park – “Pray 4 the Day”, “Roots before Branches”, “Talk That Talk”, “Ease on Down the Road”, “Bang Bang” choreo by Rachael Kvapil, “Radioactive” choreo by Rachael Kvapil, “Tortilla Chips”, ” The Joker” choreo by Jehru Alba

March 2014 – St. Baldrick’s – “Pray 4 the Day” Choreo by Kendell, “Euphoria with Levels” euphoria choreo by Tran Duc Ahn, Levels choreo by Kendell, and “Roots Before Branches” Choreo by Austyn Tanner

November 2013 – Voodoo Moon – “Do It Like A Dude” & “Talk That Talk” see below for choreo creators.

October 2013 – 54th Annual Cham Fashional – “Ease on Down the Road” choreo by Kendell

August 2013 – 3rd Annual Pink Party- “Lemme See” solo by Kendell, “Talk That Talk” choreo by Kendell and Sam Thompson

August 2013 – Tanana Valley State Fair- “The Drill”, “Closer”, “Walking on Air”, “Step Up”, “Tortilla Chips”, “Thug Story”, “Fun 4 Me”, “Lemme See”, “Springfest”, “Euphoria” for all of these see below for choreo creators. “Talk That Talk” choreo by Kendell and Sam Thompson, “Levels” choreo by Kendell, “Radioactive” choreo by Rachael Kvapil, “Live it up” Choreo by Nappytabs.

July 2013 – Angry, Young, and Poor Fest – “The Drill” choreo by MJ, “Lemme See” choreo by Kendell, “Springfest” choreo by Jeremy Knutsen, Kendell, and Brooklyn Jai, “Euphoria” choreo by Tran Duc Ahn

June 2013 – Hot Mess- “Skin” & “Lemme See” choreo by Kendell

May 2013- Cymbal Salaam- “Baba, Mama” Choreo by Susan Chapa

April 2013 – Fairbanks Ice Park- “Walking on Air”, “Fun 4 Me”, “Euphoria”, “The Drill”, “Imma Be Losing Control”, “Totilla Chips”, and “Step Up”

April 2013 – 2nd annual Ballroom Competition – Won gold in all 5 divisions. Waltz/Foxtrot, Cha-Cha/Rumba, East/West Coast Swing, Best Overall, and Best Follow.

March 2013 -St. Baldrick’s- “The Drill” choreo by Michael Jackson, “Tortilla Chips” Choreo by Kendell, and “Lemme See” choreo by Kendell

November 2012- Gangster’s Paradise Show- “Gangster Sexy” Choreo by Kendell

October 2012- 53rd annual Cham Fashional- “Walking on Air” Choreo by Kendell and Kadey Ambrose

July 2012- Rumble in the Jungle- “Do it like a Dude” choreo by Kendell

March 2012- St. Baldricks – “Closer” and “Machines Revolt” choreo by Kendell

March 2012 – Knight with a Twist Dance show- “Do it like a Dude” choreography by Kendell

February 2012- A Night of World Dance- “Closer” Choreography by Brooklyn Jai and Kendell Macomber

October 2011- 52 Annual Cham Fashional- “Lazy Song”, “Run This Town” & “Fun 4 Me” All original choreography by Kendell.

August 2011 – Pink Party Dance and Drag Show –  “Rude Boy” &  ” Fun 4 Me”  Partial choreography for Rude boy,  Original choreography for Fun 4 Me.

June 2011 – Midnight Sun Run – Street Performance with the Dance Rev Crew.

May 2011 – Alaskan Grizzlies Halftime show – Alien Piece

May 2010 – Chorea Borealis – “Seals” (Tap)

March 2010 – International Fundraiser- “When Doves Cry” choreographed by Jeremy Knutsen

December 2009 – Can Dance for Food –  “New York, New York”  (Instructor piece); “Planet Rock” (Hip Hop); “Soul Man” (Tap); “Try to Keep Up With Me” (Tap); “Threatened” (Hip Hop); “Young Ned of the Hill” (Contemporary piece); “Step Routine” (Steppin)

November 2009 – Barnes & Noble – “Soul Man” (Tap)

August 2009- Tanana Valley State Fair – “Fallin” (Lyrical); “Ice Ice Baby” ( Hip Hop); “Chingaling” (Hip Hop); “Soul Man” (Tap); “Maneater” (Contempory jazz); “All That Jazz” (Jazz), “Moose” (Hip Hop)

July 2009 – Angry, Young, and Poor Fest – “Chingaling” (Hip Hop); “Ready Teddy” (Tap); “Glorybox” (Lyrical); “Fallin” (Lyrical); “Back to The Earth” (Modern); “All That Jazz” (Jazz); “Man Eater” (Contemporary Jazz); “Ice Ice Baby” (Hip Hop), “Moose” (Hip Hop)

July 2009 – Gazebo Nights – “Ready Teddy” (Tap); “Chingaling” (Hip Hop); “Soul Man” (Tap), “Moose” (Hip Hop); “All That Jazz” (Jazz); “Man Eater” (Contemporary Jazz); “Ice Ice Baby” (Hip Hop);

June 2009 – Downtown Solstice Festival – “Glorybox” (Lyrical); “Ice Ice Baby” (Hip Hop); “Moose” (Hip Hop); “Back To The Earth” ( Modern); “Chingaling” (Hip Hop); “Soul Man” (Tap); “Ready Teddy” (Tap);

May 2009 – Chorea Borealis – “Foxes” (Lyrical); “Moose” (Hip Hop)

December 2008- Can Dance For Food – “Janet Rewind” (Street Jazz); “Ice Ice Baby” (Hip Hop); “Santa Baby” (Instructor Piece); “Storm” (Hip Hop); “Back To The Earth” (Modern)

May 2008 – Thumbelina – Toad’s Jamboree

May 2007 – Thumbelina – Toad’s Jamboree &  Jitterbugs

March 2007 – Can Dance For Food – “Breath, Stretch, Shake” (Hip Hop)

I have also taken many years of  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Pointe, Breakdancing, and Ballroom classes.

In addition I’ve attended many dance workshops in Flamenco, African, Capoiera, Argentine Tango, and Hip Hop.


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