Instructor Updates

August 2012,  I have numerous new dances  and moves to teach.  I’m excited for this session to start and to see how my new class plans turn out.  I plan on teaching one new technique move each class and then focusing the rest of the time on choreography.   The adult class will be less on performance and more on individuals movement and choreography.  We have some Thug style (don’t know what else to call it, hard hitting), Dubstep, some Michael Jackson, and many more types of choreo pieces coming.



Feb 2012,  I’ve slowly getting the next performance piece choreographed.   Right now I’m just trying to figure out how to get a video posted on this site.  I guess I’ll have to see if Rachael from Pagesculptor Studio has time to help me figure it out.

Working on editing music for the upcoming Cham Fashional performance.  Hopefully now I can finish the choreography!!!  Then next up I will go back to work on the Fairy Tales performance number.  I’m hoping I can stick school work in there sometime as well.

Hey guys! Working on great things for January 2012.  Right now, I’m working on choreography for Fairy Tales fundraiser.

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