Kendell Macomber Artist in the Schools

2015-2016 School Year

I had a great time teaching dance at many schools this past year!  Thank you Ladd Elementary, Denali Elementary, U-Park Elementary, Tanana Middle School, and the Boys and Girls Home for having me out!!  I taught hip hop dance at all of the schools, but only U-Park wanted a little extra.  So I taught East Coast Swing one week and Hip hop the next and for the 4th-6th graders we put it all into a whole dance for them to show off to their families and school mates during an assembly.


2014-2015 School year

I had the pleasure of working with three different elementary schools this year, Joy Elementary, Woodriver, and University Park. For each school I worked with grades Kindergarten through sixth and during their usual gym class. With each class we warmed up, stretched, maybe a challenge move, and then on to choreography. In every school the 4th-6th grade learned choreography sections that completed a whole dance that they performed to their families and the rest of school at the end of the week. K-3rd all learned different choreography and at some schools they performed as well. In all I worked with almost 1500 students! I had a fantastic time, and learned a whole bunch from working with the kids and the gym teachers as well.
Thank you Joy, Woodriver, and U-Park Elementary for having me!!IMG_3572

Some News links about my residencies in the schools.


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