Jr. Hip Hop Classes Restart on January 11th!

It’s been a busy semester! My Jr. Hip Hop Dancers have been practicing new techniques, learning a couple of routines, and improving freestyle! We’re ready for our party on the 14th of Dec!
My UAF Dance REVolution Crew put on a great Variety Show with other Artists in the community and we’re already planning the next one!
Our next show is the Choreographer’s Showcase on March 3 & 4th at the Edna Wise Firehouse Theatre. More details to come.

Hope everyone enjoys the winter break, we’ll be starting backup on January 11th for the Jr. Hip Hop. Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 at the Pioneer Park Dance Hall (AKLand)


  1. Hi! My almost 17 year old son will be done w his HS XC ski season mid February and is very interested in taking hip hop classes. Do you have a class that would fit that age/time? Thanks!

  2. Hi Kendell, you are a perfect instructor for hip hop. I was subbing last week at Randy Smith Middle school.
    We breifly chatted. Short haired Blonde lady…with large brown eyes..
    Middle aged. Good shape…l9l

    Ive been suffering from depression for a while now. I was in a serioys car accifent 2012. Shattered leg. But with gym and pt and tlc from my fsmily Im back in the gMe. Ive wanted for years to be a part of a dan e team for years. When are your classez? You mentioned Sat. My first job was a pro entertainer…age 16. I think being honored to work with you may change my life…
    And help lift depression. Please if you would, contact me and let me try your crew out. Id give it my all and then some. Music and dance is my tberapy .
    ThNk you,
    Sincerely, Hadara Ben-Israel

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