Teaching schedule for this Fall semester.

Hello Everybody,
I know I’m horrible at updating and I’m sorry for that!!!! I’ve been asked where and when I’m teaching, so I figured I’d get it out now to everyone. I’m taking time off from running the Dance REVolution Hip hop classes to focus more on the Dance REVolution Crew. The crew is a UAF club and is open to the public, so if your 18 and over and interested in performing and dancing and choreographing, come into rehearsal sometime. The Crew dances to all types of music in all different styles as we encourage and help new choreographers create. We are in limbo this week for rehearsal space, so when our new place and times are finalized I promise to update on here right away.
Other than working with my crew, I teach Beginning Hip Hop for the Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks as well as Tap to 7-8 yr olds at Dance Theatre Fairbanks.
To join the UAF class you only need to be 15 and up and register through UAF.

I’m planning on resuming Jr. Hip hop classes in the spring semester and building up the Funsize Crew, who performed at the fair with us this year. I will be posting video soon!!

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