Dance REVolution Crew is now a UAF club!!!!

You read it right, we are now a campus club.  That means students and community members alike can join.  Our mission is to have fun performing a wide variety of routines, from hip hop to ballroom to belly-dance to lyrical, and to help and encourage new choreographers to create.  This first summer together we’ve had a blast!!!  Lots of work but our 15 members, so far with our junior members who make up Funsize, put on an hour long show at the Tanana Valley State Fair.  Video will be posted soon!!  We dedicated our show to help raise funds for a fantastic young dancer, Omar, who is headed down to Los Angeles to study with the young Americans.  Keep your eye on him as I’m sure he’s going places.  If your able to donate money to help pay for Omar’s tuition please send me and email!!  Thanks!

  If your interested in performing or creating your own dance or theatre piece with singing and dancing you should consider joining our group!!  As of right now we meet on Tuesday 6:00 onwards at the Lola Tilly Commons.  That is subject to change, so I will do my best to keep you updated.  Our next show is The Cham Fashional which is at the beginning of October.