Cham Fashional 2012 Performance!!

After a little over a month of intense rehearsals, costume malfunctions, and tired bodies and minds, the performers representing the Dance REVolution Crew did a fantastic job performing in front of a fabulous audience.  Thank you Cayla Socha for asking us to be a part of the 53rd Annual Cham Fashional.  The whole show was well put together.  definitely one of the best years by far!!!  Thank you Dianne Christiansen for helping me to understand and improve upon the bloomer pattern.  I wouldn’t have been able to make and finish the costumes without your knowledge.  Thank you Kadey Ambrose for creating the choreography with me.  We did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure to make!!  We should do this again sometime!!  Most of all, THANK YOU DANCERS!!!!!  Without you the dance is nothing!!!  Thank you so much for all your hard work, late nights, and dedication to make our dance piece truly wonderful!!  I hope to have the pleasure of dancing with you again in the near future!


The Story:  Tight rope walkers of the early 20th century.

“Do it Like a Dude” Knight with a Twist show 2012

Upcoming performance!!

The Dance REVolution Crew is performing at the 53rd annual Cham Fashional.  This is a pretty big black tie event with tickets selling at $100 a piece so we wanted to do something really special.  “Walking on Air” choreographed by Kendell Macomber and Kadey Ambrose is a truly phenomenal dance number that fuses Hip hop with Ballet and Jazz.  As the theme of this years Cham is “Circus” our characters are tight rope walkers.  The Crew has been preparing for this for slightly over a month, and been overcoming obstacles the whole way.  We’re dancing with umbrellas as props, and we choreographed a lot of the dance before we recieved the umbrellas from, Baum’s, a dance store.  Turns out the umbrellas were crap!!  Many arrived broken or with missing chunks of fabric, while others broke shortly after inspection.  Baum’s refused to reimburse or send new umbrellas without more payment so in short.  DON’T ORDER FROM BAUM’S!!  They’ll rip you off!! The performers were starting to sweat and worry on how to deal with this issue, which after some brain-storming was solved with fabulous duct-tape!  Also the other obstacle was the fact that I was sewing the pants!!  Too busy to sew!!!  In the end I got them done, maybe not as well-made as they could have been, but they still look fabulous. (If I do say so myself!)

Shout out to all the performers: Carol, Chantel, Yolanda, Rebekah, Iris, Kadey, Jeni, Jasmine, and Jenna for putting so much time and effort into making this dance look and feel spectacular!!  You are all wonderful dancers and it has been my pleasure to work with you!!  Thanks so much!

Will be posting pictures shortly after Saturday!!!  So stay tuned!!