Bookfair Performance

Thank you Carol Smallwood at the University Park Elementary for inviting Dance Revolution Crew to perform at the bookfair at Barnes & Noble to raise money for their library.  We asked the dancers on Thursday if they were willing to perform on Saturday, so it was put together really quick.  Luckily Ben, Austyn, Rebekah, Carol, and Yolanda joined me in performing.  We didn’t really get to practice and clean up the dances beforehand and we had to adjust formations on the spot, but what a blast.  I enjoyed how laid back it was that as we danced we could talk and I’d ask a person to go up front for a certain freestyle session.  The people started finding spots to watch from when we were warming up and they stayed for all three numbers that we perfomed.  What a fantastic crowd too!!  The smiles and the applause made us all feel great and want to dance more!!  Thanks again dancers for representing, and again to Carol as well for having us out there!!

A Night of World Dance

Everytime that I get to perform with the dancers in Dance Revolution Crew I feel satisfied and proud.  Even though as performers we pick our performance apart count by half count, and list off our mess-ups, just know that everybody looked Fantastic!!!  It’s a pleasure to work with people who want to perform to their best and put all the effort into getting there.  All the extra practices, moments that you practiced moves in your house, closing your eyes and imagining the dance in your head is worth it for those moments on stage when your heart starts pounding, the adrenaline rushes, the movements comes easily, and then the crowd roars, whistles, and claps.

I’ve had so much fun in rehearsals and classes with everybody!  I’m glad there are so many comedians among us, and that we can spend our time together with so much laughter as well as dance.

New Semester and Upcoming Performance

I know it has been awhile since my last post.  Sorry about that, life has just been a bit crazy lately.  This break I had the pleasure to work with Jeremy Knutsen and Jordan Julian in the middle schools of Fairbanks.  They are two wonderful hip-hop teachers and choreographers that came up from L.A to teach workshops at a local studio and teach dance at Tanana and Ryan Middle Schools. 

Jordan Julian, Kendell Macomber, Jeremy Knutsen (from L-R)

Working in the schools was fun and tiring!  Every class I did the sit-ups and push ups with them, so by the end of the two weeks I had done over 5,000 sit-ups.  Jeremy and jordan’s styles contrasted each other nicely, and I learned a lot from them. 

  Good luck Jordan with the ABDC tryouts, and hopefully we will see you back up here for Summer Fine Arts Camp.

On another important note, dance classes have started back up at the dance hall! 

Jr’s. Hip Hop class is Wednesday 4:30-5:30

Adults hip hop class is Thursday 7-8:00

 I encourage showing up at least ten minutes early!!!

In the Jr class we work on everything from breakdancing, tutting, waving, gliding, to popping, locking, choreography and much more!  My adult class is more choreography orientated.  We do work on specific techniques that apply to the choreography piece we’re doing.  There are many performance opportunities as well.

Speaking of performing, my adult group the Dance Revolution Crew will be performing this Sunday at the Night of World Dance fundraiser for the American Cancer Association.  We are performing a fantastic piece!!  The best yet!  I hope you are able to come out and support some fantastic local talent and its all for a really good cause.  Show is at the Civic Center in Pioneer Park at 1:00!